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Our focus is on delivering a consistent strawberry offer for 12 months of the year, as much as nature allows us to.

What does consistency mean?  The ultimate goal is being able to supply a strawberry that tastes like summer, that you can enjoy every week of the year.

Our way to achieve this is to work with a number of our own farms and small group of dedicated growers where we can work together to continually improve every aspect of our supply chain.

The strawberry market is changing and we are simplifying supply chains whilst focusing on adding value to our offer.

One of the ways we add value is by having breeding partners.  Together we focus on varieties that we can eat now and continue to enjoy for the future generations to come.

Our breeding partners include NIAB EMR in the Strawberry Development Group. NIAB have over 150 years experience and using their cutting edge technologies, they have been directly responsible for many successful cultivars that consumers can enjoy today.

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  • Malling Centenery

  • Elsanta

  • Murano

  • Favori

  • Sunsation

  • Fortuna

  • Sabrina

  • Calinda

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