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In 2010 we embarked on a journey searching for a raspberry variety that would be consistent in its eating quality and appearance.  We were looking for something that would be large, shiny and that would produce well in the coldest months of the winter.

We became a founding member of Planasa’s Adelita raspberry club for southern Europe and North Africa.  It has been a fantastically successful partnership for ourselves, our growers and for our customers, with a great variety that is enjoyed from October to June.  Adelita truly comes into its own between January and March, which is traditionally a poor time for raspberries, when we used to see poor quality and low availability.

Adelita and her sister Lupita are the only primocane raspberry that bears fruit throughout the winter in regions that we operate in.

We have the exclusive rights for production of Adelita in the UK and this is our way to join up our offer for the UK spring, autumn and winter to allow us to have consistent supply year round.



  • Adelita

  • Lupita

  • Tulameen

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