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We want to provide our customers with berries and stone fruit that their customers will want to come back and buy time and time again.  We also want to provide berries and stone fruit that our growers want to grow.


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Our focus is on delivering a consistent strawberry offer for 12 months of the year, as much as nature allows us to.

What does consistency mean?  The ultimate goal is being able to supply a strawberry that tastes like summer, that you can enjoy every week of the year.

Our way to achieve this is to work with a number of our own farms and small group of dedicated growers where we can work together to continually improve every aspect of our supply chain.

The strawberry market is changing and we are simplifying supply chains whilst focusing on adding value to our offer.

One of the ways we add value is by having breeding partners.  Together we focus on varieties that we can eat now and continue to enjoy for the future generations to come.

Our breeding partners include NIAB EMR in the Strawberry Development Group and we are members of the Strawberry Breeding Club



  • Malling Centenery

  • Elsanta

  • Murano

  • Favori

  • Sunsation

  • Fortuna

  • Sabrina

  • Calinda

  • Strawberry Breeding Club future varieties

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In 2010 we embarked on a journey searching for a raspberry variety that would be consistent in its eating quality and appearance.  We were looking for something that would be large, shiny and that would produce well in the coldest months of the winter.

We became a founding member of Planasa’s Adelita raspberry club for southern Europe and North Africa.  It has been a fantastically successful partnership for ourselves, our growers and for our customers, with a great variety that is enjoyed from October to June.  Adelita truly comes into its own between January and March, which is traditionally a poor time for raspberries, when we used to see poor quality and low availability.

Adelita and her sister Lupita are the only primocane raspberry that bears fruit throughout the winter in regions that we operate in.

We have the exclusive rights for production of Adelita in the UK and this is our way to join up our offer for the UK spring, autumn and winter to allow us to have consistent supply year round.



  • Adelita

  • Lupita

  • Tulameen

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We want to be able to provide customers with high quality blueberries across 12 months of the year.  This means when they need them and with the volume that they need, without being limited by production availability.

Blueberries are a hugely attractive product and consumption continues to grow globally.  The trend for superfoods remains a prevalent feature of healthy eating so demand for these beautiful little blue pearls is increasing.  The consumer needs very little encouragement to buy more blueberries - we work on consistently making the product better by developing our offer.

We do this through good availability – it is less seasonal compared to other soft fruit, through strong selection in the field and grading in our packhouse.

We are bringing the EarlyBlue™ breeding programme, originally from Australia to Europe and North Africa.  This is an exciting programme  with numerous varieties for different timing, different climates and different flavour profiles with great eating quality for the consumer.

Find out more about EarlyBlue™:



  • EarlyBlue™

  • Bluecrop

  • Duke

  • Aurora

  • Last Call

  • Cargo

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Stone Fruit


Stone Fruit

Stone Fruit is a favourite for many with a perfectly ripe peach being a tough act to beat.  However, quality can vary greatly and product knowledge is essential for managing consistency.

Our stone fruit journey started with our sister company Chingford Fruit back in 1985 when it expanded its existing top fruit business to include stone fruit.  In 2017 stone fruit moved into Soloberry due its natural fit with the soft fruit season. 

Our portfolio covers Apricots, Nectarines, Peaches, Greengages and Plums.  We also have strong links with breeding partners to offer the very best in future varieties.



Click the link below to find our more about our work with specific plant breeders from around the world.

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Frozen & Puree



We need to maximise the value of every berry from our farms as such, we have extended the growing seasons by opening sales opportunities across a wider product range and on a global scale.  This covers both frozen and processed berries such as purees.

We are always looking for new partners to add to our product portfolio and new berries; read our blog post about Haskap here

We focus on reducing our waste fruit as much as possible and work with local juicing companies to reduce our carbon footprint.


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HASKAP - Lonicera Caerulea

The Haskap, is a member of the Honeysuckle family and is sometimes known as ‘Edible Blue Honeysuckle’, ‘Honey berry’ and ‘Sweet berry’ with a unique flavour mix of raspberry, blueberry with a hint of elderberry, we think it’s super tasty. This little gem is a small oval berry that looks a bit like an elongated blueberry and it is the first berry on the market cropping end of May, beginning of June in Europe

We have worked hard to be able to market this new berry in Europe as little was known about it.  It’s a relatively new discovery in the UK, yet these berries have been celebrated in some countries for many centuries based on their versatility, tangy flavour and remarkable health properties. We’re talking flavanoids, antioxidants, high levels of Vitamin C, iron and potassium as well as Vitamin A.

The berry traditionally grew on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, and was named by the indigenous Ainu ‘Hasukapu’ – meaning “little gift on the end of the branch” – we have production in Poland, Scotland and Germany.

Subject to final approval from the EU Member States we will be looking for sales opportunities for frozen haskap as well as being open to discussion on fresh berries.

For more information read our blog post about Haskap here



  • Primarily frozen product

  • Specific varieties for fresh market

  • Can be turned into a “superfood” powder or in nutraceuticals

  • Also suitable for cosmetics market

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