CPM Retail rebrands to Soloberry Ltd

CPM Retail rebrands to Soloberry Ltd in move to bring all its berry activities under one brand

CPM Retail rebrands to Soloberry Ltd in move to bring all its berry activities under one brand

CPM Retail Ltd, part of the AG Thames Group, will change its name to Soloberry Ltd to align the UK based business with that of its model in Spain, Soloberry SL.

The move, effective from 1st December 2017, comes after the continued success of Soloberry SL, based in Moguer, also part of the AG Thames Group.  Founded in 2013, Soloberry SL has thrived, being alongside and investing in production and selling direct to clients across Europe.  

The European business has gone from strength to strength in a short period.  It has expansion planned in North Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and Asia. This will see the business become one international berry company, under a single marque of Soloberry.

In the past year, the company has added stone fruit to its portfolio, linking its customers, growers, breeding and investment projects further.

As part of the change, Begnat Robichaud, formerly General Manager of CPM, will become Managing Director of Soloberry, with Graham Blake, formerly General Manager of Soloberry SL, moving to a Non-Executive role, to support the transition and growth.

 “I am excited about the changes that I believe will drive the company to go forward as one, a stronger combined team, able to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.  We have an owner committed to success, and there is big potential to deliver for our customers, growers and breeding partners.” Graham Blake

 “Our combined management team has a mixture of youth and experience with unsurpassed depth of industry knowledge and a clear understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities.  From being a business selling exclusively in UK, we now have activity in all European markets, and initial sales into the developing Asian markets which expands almost daily” Begnat Robichaud

Soloberry continue to grow in the world berry market thanks to their continued investment in varietal development and licensing programmes.  This enables the business to provide customers with berries and stone fruit that their consumers will want to come back and buy time and time again, as well as providing varieties that their growers want to grow. 

Earlier in the year Chairman of AG Thames Group, Leon Aichen commented on the success of the berry business; “The key drivers of our sales growth this year include the continued success of the raspberry variety Adelita which has recorded another year of really strong growth, as well as increased consumer demand for blueberries which have seen continued market growth since their superfood health messaging hit a chord with consumers”.


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