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HASKAP - Lonicera Caerulea

The Haskap, is a member of the Honeysuckle family and is sometimes known as ‘Edible Blue Honeysuckle’, ‘Honey berry’ and ‘Sweet berry’ with a unique flavour mix of raspberry, blueberry with a hint of elderberry, we think it’s super tasty. This little gem is a small oval berry that looks a bit like an elongated blueberry and it is the first berry on the market cropping end of May, beginning of June in Europe

We have worked hard to be able to market this new berry in Europe as little was known about it.  It’s a relatively new discovery in the UK, yet these berries have been celebrated in some countries for many centuries based on their versatility, tangy flavour and remarkable health properties. We’re talking flavanoids, antioxidants, high levels of Vitamin C, iron and potassium as well as Vitamin A.

The berry traditionally grew on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, and was named by the indigenous Ainu ‘Hasukapu’ – meaning “little gift on the end of the branch” – we have production in Poland, Scotland and Germany.

Subject to final approval from the EU Member States we will be looking for sales opportunities for frozen haskap as well as being open to discussion on fresh berries.

For more information read our blog post about Haskap here



  • Primarily frozen product

  • Specific varieties for fresh market

  • Can be turned into a “superfood” powder or in nutraceuticals

  • Also suitable for cosmetics market

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