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Soloberry specialise in growing berries on a global level.  Through our own farms and strategic alliances we represent substantial areas of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry production.

Providing fruit year round allows us to bring our customers the highest quality, freshest and tastiest fruit available at all times.

Soloberry Limited, rebranded from original company name of CPM Retail Ltd, was established in 2008 and is part of the AG Thames group.



United Kingdom— Growing Great British strawberries in glasshouse and tunnel at Berries Direct Farming to serve the latest varieties across nine months of the year

Morocco —  Every berry matters at our group of farms, iBerry.  From the start of September right through to June, whether it’s blueberry, raspberry or strawberry and fresh or frozen

Lithuania — Our latest venture has been to create Blueberry Baltic. The clue is in the name.  We grow mid and late season varieties and have significant trials in Last Call and Cargo.


Our combined management team has a mixture of youth and experience with unsurpassed depth of industry knowledge and a clear understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities of this growing industry
— Begnat Robichaud, Managing Director Soloberry